About us

PBN Lion is part of Unshakable Agency Limited which is proudly owned by Don Mazonas with over a decade of SEO experience under his belt.

However, we are a team of professionals (SEO experts, designers and writers) dedicated for PBN Lion to make every single PBN look different, unique and original.

While PBN Lion was established in 2019, the depth of experience of our team members reaches as early as 2006 … when search engines worked completely differently. We had to adapt to new strategies that actually work therefore, we released our new project – PBN Lion – done for your PBN service.

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Who is Don Mazonas?

Don Mazonas is owner of PBN Lion, Unshakable Agency and a few other projects. Don has over 13 years of experience of SEO. Personally made over $1 million solely with SEO (either working with his clients or working on his own projects). So, to say that Don knows a thing or two about SEO is quite an understatement.

His best achievements include ranking #1 in the UK for keywords like “Payday loans”, “Payday loan lenders”, etc … Page 1 results for keywords like “MMORPG”, “RPG” among other big and tough keywords.

Don has also achieved great results for clients in gambling, adult and many other industries. He has tripled and quadrupled sales and revenue for certain companies solely through organic traffic.

So if you really wish to grow your sales and revenue through organic traffic, PBN Lion is your agency. While we mainly do PBNs for clients, we also offer custom SEO services. Just get in touch.